OpenApp provides optimized environments for commonly used web server applications.

These images are designed for a single website and application and are build on a stripped down, single-site, version of OpenPanel. If you use OpenApp to run a site, it will only run that single site, without other functionality like email.

A package consists of the relevant application, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and supporting software, a single-site OpenApp version of OpenPanel and a specific OpenPanel module to control the application. Backups can be configured from the openapp interface. The WordPress, Joomla, MySQL and Ruby packages come with openapp Tuning which automatically optimises performance.

OpenApp advantages:

  • Optimized for a single site or application
  • Easy backups and updates
  • Lightning fast deployment
  • Simple, elegant, interface
  • OpenApp tuning to optimise performance

Please be aware that email and DNS settings will have to be configured outside the OpenApp environment. For more detailed information on OpenApp’s features, backup,¬†tuning and OpenApp appliances please¬†visit our wiki.

These packages are ideal for developers and for owners of serious websites.

There is no tie-in with existing cloud providers like Amazon EC2. This means it could be used by providers to enhance their offering of configuration alternatives.

Current OpenApp Packages:

Project supported by CloudVPS a leading European cloud server provider.