OpenPanel Software

OpenPanel, wasp and logax tools are made available under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (“GPL”). The grace library and the OpenPanel API are made available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (“LGPL”). Both licenses allow third parties to obtain, modify and redistribute the software under the same license. The LGPL also allows usage of the software in other products under a different license.

The developers of OpenPanel are committed to keeping OpenPanel free under the terms of the GNU GPL and LGPL.

OpenPanel Trademarks

Although OpenPanel is a registered trademark, third parties are free to use it unless they redistribute modified versions of the software. Although the GPL license allows users to redistribute any part of the software we do not want users to think revisions made by a GPL licensee are automatically endorsed by the OpenPanel development team. Also, we want to avoid confusion in the market place about which version of OpenPanel is the official one.

This means the GPL licensees may not use the OpenPanel or trademark when redistributing a modified version of the software without the express prior permission of the trademark owners.


Certain icons that are used in the user interface remain the property of Although the developers have obtained a royalty-free license for their use in the OpenPanel product anyone that distributes a modified version of the software is responsible for their own licensing position with respect to these icons.

Privacy Policy

We monitor web aggregate web traffic data on the OpenPanel sites. We do not use cookies to monitor individual movements on our websites.

We do collect and retain email addresses when users request to be informed about our product or want to be added to the OpenPanel development platform. Only if users specifically opt in may we use this
information to contact users about OpenPanel news.

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