Getting started

Installing OpenPanel

Follow the instructions on our Downloads page.

Setting up a basic hosting domain

To create a new domain, first go to the ‘Domain’ tab in the interface:

From there, use the ‘Add’ button at the bottom left of the interface to create a new domain:

A form will show up asking you about the domain you want to create. In this example we will use as the canonical example domain:

After you click ‘Create’ the domain will show up in the panel’s side bar.

Clicking on ‘Set up DNS Master’ will configure DNS settings for this domain:

Sticking to a relatively low Time to Live setting for new domains is usually wise, it will allow you more freedom in changing things around while you’re still trying to figure out what you’re doing with it.

Next let’s figure out email. Go to the Email tab under Domain:

Clicking on ‘Set Up Email’ will bring up another request form:

You could use the ‘SMTP Forwarding’ check to bluntly redirect all email for the domain to another machine, but for now let’s assume you want to host the email natively.

Once the email domain is created, you will find two new buttons for it:

First let’s set up a primary mailbox that can do pop3/imap/smtp with the server by clicking on ‘Set Up Mailbox’:

This user will be able to log in through pop3/imap/smtp using the account name with the given password.

Let’s also add a mail alias for the webmaster user, by clicking on the + button in the list of mailboxes that appeared after you created the john account:

You will get another form, let’s just send the webmaster mail straight to john:

Now we’ll set up an Apache virtual host. Navigate to the ‘Website’ tab:

By clicking on ‘Set Up Virtual Host’, we can create a new website:

If you create a website called using OpenPanel, it will automatically create an alias for the host without the www prefix, in this case the website will be reachable under both and

Congratulations! You have now succesfully set up your first hosting domain. You can head over to the Database tab if the site needs a MySQL database.

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