Features and Roadmap

Services offered

OpenPanel offers all basic hosting services for setting up domains, including DNS, email, websites and databases. A layered authentication system allows the administrator to create accounts with specified limitations for end-users. All of the system’s users are able to control system configuration using either an intuitive graphical interface or a powerful command line configuration shell.

OpenPanel currently supports the following services:

1.1 (current)

On July 8th 2011 we released OpenPanel 1.1.

  • Spam assassin
  • SSL certificate management for vhosts
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Powerful command line interface
  • Attractive GUI
  • Apache2 virtual hosts
  • OpenSSH user access
  • BIND9 DNS zones
  • Postfix and Courier-IMAP hosted mail domains
  • PureFTPd chrooted ftp-accounts
  • MySQL databases and user accounts
  • IPTables firewall configuration
  • Software updates through apt
  • Support for other Debian-based distributions(note that most features already work on these platforms)
    • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS “Lucid”
    • Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick”
    • Debian 6 “Squeeze”

1.2 and later

  • Support for RHEL and CentOS
  • AWStats
  • PAM-based authentication
  • Amavis
  • IP address management
  • WebDAV support
  • Bandwidth Quota
  • Bandwidth Throttling

Version 2

A more detailed breakdown into 2.0, 2.1 and later will be made when we start working on this version

  • Full reseller functionality
  • Object templating
  • Object backups
  • Apache features
    • Support for mod_perl
    • Support for mod_passenger
    • Support for wsgi
    • Support for FastCGI
    • Privilege separation in Apache
  • Managing N2
  • Mailinglist support
  • Managing PostgreSQL

Version 3

A more detailed breakdown into 3.0, 3.1 and later will be made when we start working on this version

  • Load balancing (syncing OpenPanel configuration over different instances)
  • Branding (either globally or per-domain or per-owner)
  • Apache access/error logs browsable and downloadable in interface
  • Billing
  • SuSe support
  • 1 management server with many “slave” servers
  • Pre-install webapps in vhosts
  • Internationalization and localization
  • .htaccess management

Far future

Features we are considering, but which are not yet planned include:

  • Support for non-linux operating systems

    • Microsoft Windows
    • OpenBSD
    • FreeBSD
  • Webalizer
  • Full APT/YUM control
  • Automatic conversion for existing installations.
  • Support for alternative daemons, including
    • Exim
    • Sendmail
    • Lighthttpd
    • WuFTP
    • ProFTP
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