Development philosophy

A platform for the provisioning of services

OpenPanel can be used to provision and control any program that runs on a Linux server. Its structure allows the open source community as well as software and hosting companies to easily add their own modules and functionality.

The OpenPanel structure is extemely modular with every service being controlled by its own module. The central component is the OpenCore which connects all modules with the GUI, the CLI and a layered authentication system.

After a new module is added or an old one adapted it is extremely easy to incorporate the changes in the GUI. Just add a sprinkling of XML to the module code and the GUI will interpret the structure of the data and generate new forms.

Besides working on new modules we also like to cooperate with the community in order to improve current modules and functionality.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas or bugs or if you want to talk about cooperating on a new module. Our bug tracker is available for feature requests and bugs. You can contact us at

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