About OpenPanel

Who we are.
Who we are.
We are a group of developers who have been active in active in programming and systems administration since the early 90′s. We started the OpenPanel project to create a control panel that is open, user friendly and free of charge. The project is being supported by CloudVPS, a European cloud provider with a strong affinity to developers and open source projects.

OpenPanel is available under the GNU General Public License because we believe our users should be able to look inside our system and make changes if need be. We also want the community to have a large influence on the development of OpenPanel, by providing feedback on their wishes and gripes, contributing to the existing code base and by adding modules.

If you want to contribute or cooperate, a bug tracker is available for reporting bugs and feature requests. Alternatively, you can join us on our irc channel (#openpanel on irc.oftc.net). We will be lurking there on a regular basis.

OpenPanel continues to be improved. It is our goal to make OpenPanel the easiest way to offer, provision and control any server based service. We are committed to keeping OpenPanel open source and publicly available.


Pim van Riezen – OpenCore design, module scripting, GUI design.
Peter van Dijk – Object model, module scripting, release management.
Carlos de Boer Ver Voorn – GUI prototyping.
JP Wesselink – GUI core and design, marketing.
Mark Schouten – OpenApp configuration and packaging
Rosco Nap – OpenApp packaging and imaging
Koert van der Veer – Release management, additional core code.
Tomas Šiaulys – Packaging and installation testing.
Danny van der Meeren – Module scripting.
3e Rotterdam – (Pieter Jansen, Bart Schaap en Marco van Wijk) – Project Consultancy, testing, and building our developer network.
Anja Skrba – Translations

Project supported by CloudVPS a leading European cloud server provider.