OpenPanel is designed to provide full control over all technical processes on a server through an inviting, attractive interface. Multiple layers of management allow the admin and all users to efficiently run their services. Our code base is completely open source and this project aims to become an open platform for external developers. We cordially invite you to play around with, and contribute to our software.

OpenPanel advantages

Attractive GUI — The OpenPanel graphical user interface is a modern JavaScript application with a a simple, modern design.

CLI — For hardcore users we have added an intuitive Command Line Interface.

Open architecture — Our infrastructure is extremely open and modular. This makes it very easy to add functionality in almost any language.

GPL Licensed — The control panel is free of charge, you can see how it works and change what you want.

Dedicated development team — OpenPanel will continue to be extended and supported by its growing community.

For more features and future plans, please have a look at our roadmap.

Project supported by CloudVPS a leading European cloud server provider.