Project Status. Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04.

New versions of our packages have recently been released. These include some minor fixes to the base system and the addition of repositories compatible with Debian 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. You can find the updated release at the regular location.

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leon says:


it’s long time since last version of open panel is open panel still active if yes when will you add the support for centos

Carlo says:

Hi, I was wondering if you guys will add web stats soon? Keep up the great work!

Flow says:

openpanel-mod-ssh is not visible under Debian 7 in the GUI

pls fix it

Brendan says:

Happy to see some development!

Quinn says:

i really need your help.

i’m trying to load my ssl .crt on to open-panel

i have converted the .crt to a .dur and then the .dur to .pem.

then i tried to pasty the .pam file into the vhost i keep getting a pam error (4093) 5:Invalid PEM data.

Flow says:

openpanel-mod-ssh is still not visible under Debian 7 in the web interface

pls fix it, can’t create good account structure

Thanks Flow

Thom says:


I’m interested in the control panel and consider contributing.
I’ve still got some code + scripts left for adding and deleting NS (Bind9) on multiple machines.
Got some nice backup scripts that can be used and got some experience with Lighttpd.

Contact me if you’re interested in me helping :)

I filled in my email address.



Brylie Oxley says:

The documentation page “Download and install” is outdated. This makes it difficult for users to find up-to-date installation instructions for Debian 7, Ubuntu 12.04, etc..

Please update the documentation page and/or direct visitors to the wiki page for installation.


We at XenServ have been working slowly on an OpenPanel fork (as I cmanns, in the OFTC IRC channel of OpenPanel have discussed with it’s dev’s years ago)

We are close- glad to see there’s new development. We plan to let you guys take any Open Source code from our Panel, back to OpenPanel :)

Kent Chen says:

I was previously on kloxo, but I think I would switch to openpanel. Keep the updates coming!

acosta135 says:

openpanel not working on debian 7.xx also not on ubuntu 12.04lts

peter says:

I have the same question as others have:
is open panel still active?

(updates are very rare)
Current version is from 2011

JonC says:


I’ve been looking for a server administration panel, and OpenPanel ticks all the right boxes except one.. it doesn’t seem to be actively maintained! The last entries from the OpenPanel team are from August 2013. There is no point in installing something that is in the process of being abandoned. Please let us know what is happening with this otherwise promising application suite.


Scujas says:

Just upgraded from ubuntu 10.04 LTS to Ubuntu 14.04.
Been using openpanel for the last 4 years.. wanted to use it on 14.04 but it is not supported. Is this project still alive? Any update comming soon?

Thanks …

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