Launch OpenApp NAP firewall and loadbalancer

In August last year we introduced the OpenApp images. OpenApp is a collection of useful, OpenPanel based, virtual server images, providing support for a single website and application, such as WordPress, Joomla or MySQL.

For single instances of an application OpenApp is the perfect solution but we also saw demand for a fully functional load balancer and firewall that can be controlled via a simple interface.

This is why we have developed OpenApp Networking App (OpenApp NAP): An Open Source loadbalancer / firewall supporting High Availabilty setups and offering a friendly and elegant user interface. You can find it on our site and Wiki. We will release a handy VMware image soon.

OpenApp NAP consists of the following:

  • Loadbalancing via Keepalived
  • Firewalling and NAT’ing through IPtables
  • A High Availability master-slave setup is possible (also using Keepalived)
  • VPN possibility via PPtP
  • Backups, updates and alert mails can be automated.
  • All functionality manageable via an easy to use interface.

OpenApp NAP is currently based on Ubunty 10.04 LTS, offering all benefits of the Ubuntu LTS support. Support for IPv6 loadbalancing is underway and will be offered once we upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

With OpenApp NAP we hope to have created yet another useful OpenPanel implementation. We would like to invite system administrators to try it out and use it. All feedback is welcome.

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baris says:

I’m waiting. Thank you.

Daniel says:

Is it possible to just use the replication functions and not the load balancing?

Rick says:

Project seems dead… Ubuntu was 12.04, 12.10 and now 13.04 is coming… No news?

Rick says:

What about customization for Amazon AWS virtual servers? Would be great Ubuntu 12.04 AMIs with some control panel like this with Amazon Route 53 DNS control integrated.

Daniel says:

Can openapp NAP be used to load balance and replicate full openpanel servers?

Dash says:

Is OpenPanel still developed? Everything in blog/twitter etc is more than a year old.

Devon says:

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