It’s been quiet for a while, but that does not mean we have not been busy. Today, we release OpenPanel 1.1. Apart from a big bunch of minor fixes and tweaks, 1.1 brings:

  • a revised GUI that now fills browser windows
  • support for configuring HTTPS
  • per-domain spam filtering with SpamAssassin
  • IPv6 is now officially supported
  • Official support for Debian 6, Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10

Development of 1.1 happened primarily on Ubuntu 10.04 but we have tried to test on Debian 5, Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.10 too. Anything that works on one of those but not all of them will be treated as a serious bug!

You can find upgrade instructions on our download page.

After 1.1, we will spend some time focusing on a new project called OpenApp, which will revolutionize appliance hosting ;)

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Kaushal says:

Sick! I was waiting for this. :)

Sakki says:

Very nice… trying it now.

DrEagle says:

Cannot install on armel

Lito says:

No problem on two Debian 6 64bit machines. Thanks for doing this.

By the way, I work at 1980×1080… I think it looks strange the Dialog to use all the page, but tiny forms at the center… I think is lees usable for me.


it’s not possible to upgrade to 1.1 because of unsatisfied deps….

1. openpanel-mod-apache2: openpanel-mod-domain (>=1.1) unsatisified
2. openpanel-mod-domain: openpanel-api-sh (>=1.1) unsatisfied
3. openpanel-api-sh: openpanel-coreval (unsatisfied) – marks openpanel-api-sh as the reason.

thanks if you can help with this.

uff, sorry, I should have written that openpanel-coreval “marks openpanel-api-sh as the reason” on a new line, small formatting error, sorry……it’s a little confused how I wrote it

Krist says:

Not work with centOS

Sakki says:

When installing OpenPanel, does it re-create and wipe out the existing MySQL database? It seems as though it does. However, the Panel works fine with good functionality.

It does not wipe out current databases. They will not show up in OpenPanel, however.

randy james says:

I’ve got a Ubuntu 10.04 server already running, with two client websites. My DNS is hosted elsewhere, and Postfix is setup to relay to another host as well. I also note that openpanel has completely transformed my system configuration as a consequence (I presume) of apt-get openpanel-suggested. The documentation seems extremely thin, and the terminology a bit confusing. Before I reinstall my server from scratch…

1. If I do a remove/purge of openpanel, will my system be restored to it’s original condition?

2. It is not clear to me at all what the purpose of the DNS setup step is. Is your assumption that I will be running a name server locally, and is that mandatory?

3. I attempted to setup the e-mail, and got an error message telling me it was unable to setup core objects. (I was unable to copy the error message to the clipboard for some reason.) No explanation as to why.

From the look of things, I should have backed up my entire system before installing openpanel. It seems to me that any program which makes such widespread changes to a system should not install itself without the due-diligence of an opt-in configuration process, and a well-defined uninstall process.

One of the reasons I use Ubuntu is that the package installation system has proved to be so reliable in supporting clean install/remove/purge operations. This is the first instance I’ve found where a package appears to have fundamentally transformed the original installation without leaving me a clear path back. Since I have two active client websites, I can’t just do a remove/purge and hope it works. Therefore I’m pretty well stuck having to reinstall the original server from scratch.

If I may offer a suggestion: openpanel needs a bit more work before you move on to something new.

Jacob says:

Is this project still being maintained?


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