We expect IPv6 to be a very hot topic in 2011. According to all but the most optimistic forecasts, we’ll run out of IPv4 addresses this year. Oddly enough, IPv6 isn’t very popular at the moment: only a small percentage of the domains we encounter on a daily basis provide an AAAA record. Very few clients can actually access IPv6-only servers, and virtually no clients are IPv6 only. The online world seems oblivious to the impending doom caused by IPv4 shortage.

OpenPanel can be accessed through IPv6, courtesy of Pound, the SSL proxy we use to secure the interface. All features are IPv6-compatible. IPTables allows for IPv6-specific rules since version 1.0.2 of that module. Unfortunately, the openpanel-cli client has remote server support which is currently limited to IPv4.

We intend to drop Pound for 1.1, with OpenPanel taking care of its own SSL and IPv6 connections. Once that is done, openpanel-cli will support IPv6, too. So for the purists among us: OpenPanel 1.1 will be fully IPv6 compliant.

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Mic says:

Any idea when openpanel 1.1 will be released by?

kvdveer says:

“When it’s done”. We hope to release 1.1 in January 2010, so quite soon.

Dean says:

Hello folks,
You seem to have a nice panel, though I’ve never tried, but was searching through web in finding something for a server.
Hope you get the 1.1 in some days and I’ll look into it ! Good job, folks !
Also, I’m a designer, so if you need some help in details, drop me a line.

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Joseph Stein says:

But, with Open Panel, would I be able to setup websites to load with IPv6? And to setup FTP to work with IPv6?

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