Operating system breakdown

After two weeks of OpenPanel the shape of our community is becoming clearer and clearer. While the distribution of operating systems is interesting,  we’re not really surprised. Right now we only officially support Debian 5, so it was to be expected that the majority (54%) of our users are using that.

What is surprising is the prominent presence of Ubuntu, which is not officially supported for 1.0. While we did some testing on Ubuntu, there were still a few small issues. Fortunately the Ubuntu users reported their issues, and most of them could be resolved in a point release. Right now, OpenPanel 1.0 seems to run fine on Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid” and 10.10 “Maverick”. Because of this, we’re pleased to announce that these targets will officially be supported under OpenPanel 1.1.

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Andrew Luecke says:

Any referrer stat links though? It is plausible that it has ended up on Ubuntu forums..

kvdveer says:

No, sorry. These statistics are based on the apt-repositories, not on the website.
Apt obviously doesn’t report referrers, so we can’t really know.

kentlo says:

Ubuntu 9.04 should be “Jaunty”, not “Hardy”

kvdveer says:

Thanks for noticing… it has been fixed.

Shirl says:

At last! Someone who udnernstads! Thanks for posting!

Christopher says:

I am eagerly awaiting RHEL5 support! Ahhhhhhhhhhh *shivers with anticipation*

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Operating system breakdown | OpenPanel

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